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Pleasanton Elder Law Attorney in California

Elder LawAs we grow older, there are certain financial, medical, and personal considerations that must be planned for. This is the foundation of elder law, which is used to make decisions and sort out affairs in a legally enforceable manner. Wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents, among others, can be used to protect the assets of Americans as they grow older.

John Park Law is a leader in California elder law practice. We leverage our decade of experience to help families make difficult decisions regarding their assets and affairs. Having a plan in place can help lessen the burden of growing older and alleviate the concern of family disputes regarding the care of a loved one. Life is full of expected situations and it is never too early to start planning. Call us today at 925-320-7077 to discuss your options in greater detail.

What Is Elder Law in California?

Elder law is an area of legal practice that focuses on the diverse needs of the elderly. This can include any issue affecting older people, such as navigating Medicaid or Veteran healthcare benefits, the creation of wills and trusts, or putting in place power of attorney documents. Typically, elder law incorporates estate planning and financial matters, but it can also be used to address medical concerns or family structure.

Although the term “elder” may be deceiving, an individual can and should begin the process of planning for these decisions early on. The reason for this is dual-faceted. First, unexpected situations can arise at any moment and can leave an individual unable to make decisions on their own accord. In these situations, having a trust, will and power of attorney documents in place is critical.

Second, some long-term healthcare benefits through Medicaid or Veterans Affairs are oftentimes asset dependent. Estate planning well in advance can help an individual access these benefits faster and easier.

What Services Do We Provide?

Our team of attorneys have been practicing elder law for over ten years. As such, we have tailored our services to address the most common issues that we see among the aging population. While we broadly handle estate planning, there are elder-specific areas that we focus on:

  • Will and trust formation: Two of the most fundamental aspects of estate planning are Last Will and Testaments – wills and trusts. Both are used to protect and distribute assets following the death of an individual. We help elders craft wills and trusts that reflect their wishes and preserve their legacy.
  • Power of attorney and advanced health care directive (AHCD) documents: Without power of attorney or AHCD documents in place, it is unclear who will make key decisions regarding end of life healthcare treatment and control the finances of an elderly loved one. Power of attorney and AHCD documents allow an individual to name exactly who should make medical and financial decisions in the event that they are unable to make or communicate such decisions.
  • Asset management for Institutionalized Medicaid qualification: To qualify for Institutionalized Medicaid benefits, an individual must meet stringent income, wealth, and asset requirements. Through the formation of Medicaid irrevocable trusts, we help our clients obtain Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing homes and other expensive long term healthcare.
  • Veterans Affairs trusts and pension: As accredited VA attorneys, we have extensive experience in establishing VA trusts and navigating VA pension benefits with aid and attendance for veterans.

We understand the needs of elderly individuals and provide quality legal advice regarding estate planning and asset management. Our team of experienced elder law attorneys has helped families manage their loved ones’ estate in light of major health crises like stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. We do so with the utmost respect, kindness, and care.

Elder Law Estate Planning With John Park Law

At John Park Law, we have advised families on a myriad of circumstances. Nothing is outside of our purview. Because of this, we understand how to strategically and skillfully create an estate plan for individuals coming from all walks of life.

Our team of elder law attorneys are VA accredited and have over ten years of experience. Entrust your assets to a legal team that cares and will passionately advocate for your rights. Do not hesitate to call us at 925-320-7077 to begin estate planning for your elderly loved one today.