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If you are starting a business or have been a business owner for years, seeking the advice of an experienced business attorney is critical for all of your business needs. Business entities are created mainly for individual asset protection to shield from personal liability and for income tax purposes. Starting a business and knowing your options as to the type of entity you should create and the advantages and drawbacks associated with each type of entity is important to know.


Attorney John Park can guide you through the legal process of organizing a proper business entity, including all required organizational documents to protect your business and your personal assets from any potential threats. Services include advice, consultation and organization for the following types of entities:


  • Corporation

  • Limited-Liability Company

  • Partnership

  • Sole Proprietorship


For business owners and entities that have already been created, contract review, drafting and analysis, including the following types of business transactions are available:


  • Contract Review and Drafting

    • Asset purchase agreements, including negotiation, due diligence and closing

    • Commercial lease transactions

    • Third-party (vendor) contract issues

  • Operation and Compliance

    • Internal organization document compliance

    • Annual corporate record compliance

    • Employment Operation Handbook

    • Partnership, shareholder or membership relationships

    • Employee contracts

  • Business Succession Planning

    • Management succession planning

    • Wealth succession planning

    • Estate, gift, and transfer tax planning

  • Corporate Dissolution Planning

    • Proper wind-down and compliance


Make sure all of your personal assets are protected from a lawsuit against your business by having the proper entity formation in place and that all of your internal needs related to your business are reviewed and in order. Further, make sure that all ongoing business needs or concerns are reviewed for legal compliance so that you can focus on managing your business and leaving the details to us. Don’t make the mistake of signing documents first and asking questions later. If you do, it could come back to haunt you. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with attorney John Park for all of your business needs.