An Elder Law attorney is not the same as an Estate Planning attorney. Although similar, an Elder Law attorney is an attorney who routinely works with older clients to navigate the client’s financial and health decisions and also offer additional expertise in Medicaid, Medicare, VA benefits, Social Security, long-term care and other planning that older clients will encounter as they age.


Many times, as clients age and have their estate plan reviewed, we hear comments of regret all the time. A comment that is continuously heard is if only my estate planning attorney discussed other options such as Medicaid planning with me, so I didn’t have to spend-down all of my assets to become eligible for Medicaid benefits or other benefits that the client had to pre-plan for before any crisis or difficult situation arose. A lot of times, due to the client’s incapacity, there might not be much that can be done, without going to a guardianship proceeding which is costly and time consuming. Or a client was unaware of VA benefits that could have been claimed, had the client been advised properly in the first place.


The attorneys at Law Office of John Park have years of experience assisting older clients with navigating not only their estate plan and medical decisions, but also provides other important options that may apply to the client, depending on their situation. The attorneys at Law Office of John Park understand and are compassionate to the needs of older clients and treat them with dignity and respect while providing them with a thorough and comprehensive analysis of their estate plans and goals and assists them to achieving such plans. 


Call the Law Office of John Park and speak to an attorney to discuss all of your estate planning and advanced options related to any and all issues that may be affecting you.