The Law Office of John Park provides advice and legal services related to business and personal real estate transactions. If you are a business owner and are purchasing assets of another business, which includes real property, make sure that you are seeking advice to protect your investment. Further, if you are involved in a lease negotiation, make sure to have your lease reviewed before signing, so that you understand and know the exact terms of the lease agreement. Many people sign lease and purchase agreements without review and if a problem arises down the road, it could be too late to remedy the situation, without costly litigation.


If you are purchasing a home for yourself or as an investment, make sure to seek legal advice to review the purchase contract so that one of your biggest purchases is protected. Most people seek the advice of an attorney when only thousands of dollars are at issue, but don’t seek the advice of an attorney when your home, which is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is at stake. Don’t make the mistake of signing first and asking later. If you do, it could be too late. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with attorney John Park for all of your real estate needs.