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Guardianship Utah

Many people make the mistake of primarily focusing on death when thinking about planning their estate. However, a more crucial and longer-lasting issue is planning for incapacity. Incapacities can strike any individual at any given time. Physical and mental incapacities can come in forms of advanced age, illness, coma, or dementia, affecting millions of individuals every day. These incapacities can last several years and are devastating to one’s health and asset management decisions, due to court involvement through a guardianship.

A guardianship is a court-ordered process where an individual is appointed to act on behalf of another due to that person’s lack of ability to independently make medical and/or financial decisions. A guardianship is expensive and time-consuming, and the court and guardian will be involved with all aspects of overseeing your loved-one’s medical and financial decisions while incapacitated.

If you properly plan during your life by preparing estate planning documents, such as a revocable living trust and power of attorney documents for property/finance matters and for healthcare decisions, you may be able to avoid guardianship court.

If you are already involved in a guardianship court proceeding, need to obtain a guardianship of a loved one, or needing to discuss how to avoid a future guardianship, call today to schedule your appointment with the attorneys at Law Office of John Park to discuss your options.